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The Crone Conceives Herself

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

As the Wheel turns towards the end of the year, the year has grown very old. In this time, the Crone begins to release Herself from the physical world and conceive Herself anew as the Infant Light. She conceives Herself within Herself. She contains the Seed of Her own rebirth. At this time in the year, just after the Winter Solstice, the growing light can be sensed but not yet seen. While the days do begin to lengthen, we don't really feel the days getting longer until the Wheel of the Year has turned closer to Imbolc (February 1). During the Yuletide season we feel the hope of what is yet to come. This time brings the promise of light, not the actual delivery.

Winter Solstice celebrates the presence of Spirit and the power of faith. As the days begin to grow, we hold the hope that our visions of the future will come into manifestation. It is about carrying hope and moving toward a vision that we will make reality. This time of year is not about having the light, it is about knowing the light is coming while we sit in the dark.

Sit in the Dark.

The Blessed Dark.

Many earth-centered people focus on the return of the light during this season. The days start getting longer from here on out. Many pagans celebrate the rebirth of the sun on the Winter Solstice. I choose to focus on the Darkness. Though the days are getting longer, the long nights continue for a while. The time of the longest nights is a time to sink into the dark, into rest, into looking at things that are hard to see. It is a time to sit in the dark and find the seed within. We focus on light and activity so often in the world. We need more time with darkness, more time for rejuvenation and slowing down. Take time to nourish the Seed within yourself. Light is necessary for life- and so is Darkness.

As the year waxes, sit with the darkness and the returning light. Every year we have the chance to conceive ourselves anew. Blessed Darkness.

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