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Women's Mysteries

"Women’s Mysteries are the physical, emotional, and psychic life cycle passages

that women share by having been born female, by having experienced girlhood,

and by living as women in a patriarchal society."

(Ruth Barrett)

Women's Circles

Women's Circles

I am available to facilitate all kinds of women’s ceremonies and circles, including song circles, seasonal rituals, talking stick circles, first blood initiations, croning & menopause, and other rituals honoring the cycles of womanhood.

Personal Red Tent Sessions

Personal Red Tent Sessions

A personal Red Tent session is time you and I spend togther in sacred space diving deep into ourselves as women. Every Red Tent Session is different- what form it takes depends on the needs you come in with and what Spirit calls. I might lead you on a “shamanic” journey to delve deep into your own power through your cycle. We might journey together through song, through words, and through meditation. This can be a powerful time to focus your intentions, find your own personal practice and know yourself more deeply.

Women's Circles

"Kaitlin’s women’s circles opened up a whole world of acceptance and healing for me after a lifetime of internalized negativity about what it is to be a woman in this world. She is one of the most connected, spiritual, authentic people I have ever met and I have endless gratitude for the myriad ways she has touched my life.”

     -Davene Wasser

(editor, artist, mother)

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