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Rites of Passage

In everyone’s life, changes happen that move us from one state of being to another.

Rites of passage recognize the importance and sacredness of these transformations

and support us to embody them fully. 

I can provide spiritual support and help you design your own ritual for any of life’s transformations.


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As ordained clergy,

I can officiate a legal wedding,

a commitment ceremony,

a re-commitment ceremony,

or a handfasting, depending on your desires and needs.

We can work together to create a beautiful ceremony. 

Baby Blessings

Baby Blessings

Blessings, Namings,

and other Rituals

Welcoming a new baby into your family and community is a profound rite of passage for the baby, the parents, the family, and the community.


New Mother Blessings

New Mother Blessings

Baby Showers, Blessingways, and other Rituals

Celebrating a woman as she becomes a mother (by giving birth or by adoption, for the first time or again) is a critically important

rite of passage.


Funerals & Memorials

Burials, Funerals, Memorials


I am here to support you and your family in your grief

and through the process of grieving with your community.


& Memorials 
Image by Ergita Sela
First Blood (Menarche)

First Blood

The time of menarche is a profound transformation for a young woman. It is important for her to feel seen and supported by the women in her life.

Retroactive Menarche rituals can also be very powerful later in a woman’s life.

First Blood (Menarche)
First Blood (Menarche)


Initiation is something that we are sorely missing in modern life. It can be a time of transformation out of childhood, into adulthood, and a time of gaining access to the different parts of ourself.


Initiations can mark transformations at any stage of life.




It’s important to recognize this huge shift in life by consciously uncoupling. Rituals of divorce or separation can include both partners, but don't need to. 


Customized Rites

Ritualizing the changes in one's life can solidify their importance and foster growth.


You and I can work together to ritualize any of life's transformations.



This grief-filled event is often not ritualized, nor even talked about much. Losing a baby in the womb is a rite of passage many women experience.  Ritualizing the experience is a powerful way to recognize and honor this time.

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Croning & Menopause


Older women often

do not feel seen in the wider culture we live in.

Ritualizing the shift to becoming an elder is one way we can work towards bringing back true Elderhood.

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