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Kaitlin Ilya Wolf

Priestess of Cycles

Ritualist & Spiritual Counselor

Ordained Minister

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"A Priestess is a woman who helps others connect with  the divine so they can heal and actualize their soul's unique path."

(Jalaja Bonheim)

I am passionate about ritual and its importance in our lives. I am ordained as a Priestess of Cycles I work with and honor the many cycles around us and within us through ritual and ceremony. I am also a Priestess of the Red Tent, and much of my work is with women and Women’s Mysteries. I have been studying and practicing ritual arts for over 20 years. I am a community Priestess, facilitating rituals, ceremonies, and magick for large and small groups, individuals, and my community. I have led many people through the process of creating their own personal ritual and supported many in finding their path through life, both as an instructor and as a counselor.

I am an ordained Priestess of the Temple of Diana, a Dianic church with groves around the world.  I graduated from the Spiral Door Women’s Mystery School of Magick and Ritual Arts, a Dianic Priestess training program with Ruth Rhiannon Barrett & Falcon River, in 2010 and was ordained later that year. I apprenticed with wise woman herbalist Linda Conroy of Moonwise Herbs in Wisconsin and then completed the Shamanic Herbalist Apprenticeship with Susun Weed at the Wise Woman Center in upstate New York. My perspective and approach to ritual has been deeply influenced by these experiences and training (along with many others) as well as my study with Martin Prechtel at Bolad’s Kitchen, a unique school of indigenous spirituality and history of the world in northern New Mexico.


Of course, I have also been shaped by my own personal life experiences. I have lived in the despair of deep grief and I still live with loss. I found a way back to life through my work with a shaman in the jungles of Peru. While my personal spiritual path is rooted in my Celtic, Norse, & Germanic heritage, I have also been greatly influenced by the shamans and medicines of the American continents with whom I have worked and where I live.  

I have been serving as a Priestess at Earthaven Ecovillage, my community in western North Carolina, for  over 15 years. I facilitate community and individual rituals in my village and I hold the community seasonal ritual cycle. I am also the founder and Priestess of the Earthaven Valley Red Tent, a sacred space for women and girls.


It is an honor to ritualize life transitions and transformations with others and to spiral together through the many cycles of which we are all a part. 

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What People Say About Working With Kaitlin

“When I need someone to support me in doing sacred work, there is no one I trust more than Kaitlin. She blends together a rich and varied educational background with a depth of intuition and presence that can only be gained through whole-hearted devotion to one's soul work. Kaitlin's work in the world is, without a doubt, as Priestess, doing the sacred work of bringing us back in sync with the seasons and cycles, with Goddess, and with our innermost selves. Whatever your need, Kaitlin will be a warm, capable, and steadfast guide as you journey on your spiritual path.”

     -Molly Meinhardt (chiropractor)

“I’m still glowing from yesterday’s festivities, as I’m sure is true of all who partook. Your gifts as a presider are awesomely masterful. Thank you for your huge part in providing my friend and her community with such a rich and loving life experience - one that will live on in our hearts, lighting the journey we share.”

     -Jane Ware 

“My partner and I asked Kaitlin to create and officiate the ceremony for our union. It felt so natural and safe to talk about what our vision was for what we wanted our handfasting to be like. Kaitlin tied it all together so perfectly and we couldn't have asked for a more magical experience. We were so pleased to celebrate our union in just the way we wanted!  It was a wonderful way to enter into a marriage where we felt blessed and honored by all the ancestors, elements and community around us."

     -Peggy Kaase-Malone (homesteader, mother, designer)

"Kaitlin’s women’s circles opened up a whole world of acceptance and healing for me after a lifetime of internalized negativity about what it is to be a woman in this world. She is one of the most connected, spiritual, authentic people I have ever met and I have endless gratitude for the myriad ways she has touched my life.”


-Davene Wasser (editor, artist, mother)

“Kaitlin has a powerful way of drawing you into the energy of the unseen, the mystery.  Years ago, my oldest daughter and I sat in a Red Tent that Kaitlin was leading. My daughter, then 8, absolutely loved it. The songs and hand gestures captivated her. I look back fondly on those circles as some of the warmest bonding experiences a mother and daughter could share. It brings tears to my eyes to know that a new/ancient way is being offered for the youth at this time, I certainly never had the chance to experience anything so powerful around womanhood with my mother.

“When my daughter had her first moon this year, Kaitlin shared in our excitement and led the ritual for her to cross the threshold into young Maiden. Kaitlin exceeded our expectations in every way. My daughter was moved and will forever remember her special day where she was honored, pampered and loved upon."

     -Delphi Dofflemyer (massage

        therapist, fertility consultant, mother)

"Loved Kaitlin's chants, her singing and her drumming. And, as happens so many times, I hopped on as a stranger but got off having made friends, shared heart space and done our part to heal the world and each other. In deep honor of your work, Kaitlin."​​

     -Caryn MacGrandle (creatrix, the divine feminine app)


"A ritual experience with Kaitlin is very personal and powerful. It is a potent way to create change and transformation in your life as well as gain clarity around your vision, purpose and meaning. Kaitlin has decades of experience and knowledge. She truly walks her talk and is the real deal as a Priestess, healer and Wise Woman. She shows up in her work with deep compassion, a huge capacity for empathy and very practical ways to ritualize important milestones in life. Kaitlin is skilled at honoring all stages of life through ritualization grounded in her years of study and practice. "

     - JR Pollak (nurse & midwife)

“​​Working with Kaitlin to create an 80th birthday ceremony to help me grow into elderhood in my community was a beautifully fulfilling experience. I was so grateful for the sensitivity with which she listened and reflected my words, my intentions, my heart. She extended and enriched the experience with her deep insight and wisdom. The ceremony became one of the key experiences of my life. Kaitlin led us through it with such natural grace and warmth! I am filled with gratitude and admiration.”

        -Seraina Broadhead

“Kaitlin was the first person I turned to when it was time to plan a ceremony for my firstborn child. Her presence, her steadiness, and her wisdom helped create a sacred ritual I will remember always."

        -Davene Wasser (editor, artist, mother)

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