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Tarot Reading

Tarot is a divination tool that helps us to know ourselves better, to explore our relationship with the world around us, and to get insight into specific areas of life. The cards support us in accessing our connection with Spirit, tapping into the connection that always lives within us. The way I read tarot, it's a three way exploration between me, you, and the cards. Readings can explore big life questions or everyday concerns. I have found tarot to be a profound window into myself and the world around me.


A short reading will take about 30 minutes, a full reading is about an hour or longer. I am available for online or in-person readings.

In my session with Kaitlin, the space was set up so tenderly that I was very calm and confident and excited to begin. She knows the cards so well and used language that I easily understood to describe our process and what she thought the cards meant.  She checked in with me regularly to field questions and to hear what was coming up for me as we progressed.  At the end, the reading we had was so right on target with the questions I was hoping to answer.  Kaitlin’s knowledge and capacity to explain things to me was a blessing."
                                                   -Terrie Lewine

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