Personal Ritual


Personal ritual can be transformative in so many ways. Bringing ritual into our life can help us to claim new paths, to recognize where we have gone or where we are going, to call in what we desire and transform ourselves. Ritual can be a private event or a meaningful shared celebration. Rituals can be sign posts on the road of one’s life, marking times of transition and significance. 

People ritualize almost anything in life of personal significance. I have supported people in creating rituals for everything from honoring a birthday to claiming a recent shift in consciousness (or calling for one) to desiring a new relationship to claiming a new name. The scope for creativity and invention in personal ritual is endless, and there’s no life event or desire too small or too big to be addressed through ritual.

I will lead you through a process in which, with my support, you will create your own ritual. This process can include meditation, divination, "shamanic" journeying, personalized counseling, journaling, spiritual support, and other methods of exploration. Depending on your circumstances, preferences, and what is revealed through this process, your ritual can take many forms. Ritual takes its own path.