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What to Expect

What You Can Expect When Working With Me

on a Personal Ritual or Rite of Passage

We will begin with a consultation (usually online) to connect and explore if I can support you in meeting your needs. We might talk about what you're hoping for or wanting to work on and begin to envision our process together. 

Once you decide to work with me, we'll meet (either in person or online). If we're creating a ritual, either a personal ritual or a rite of passage, we might meet one, two, or three times to create the ritual together, depending on the needs of the ritual. We'll discuss your intentions, I'll lead you through guided meditations & embodiment practices, and we'll come up with a plan. The process is both intuitive and logistical, using our minds, sinking into our hearts and bodies, and connecting with our guides/ higher power.

Through the process, we will decide whether you want me to facilitate the ritual. (Sometimes people create a ritual with no need for me to facilitate.) If I will be facilitating, we will schedule the ritual together, possibly including others whom you want to attend.

The process I will lead you through depends a lot on your intentions, needs, and intuition. We will find our way together!

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