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The Magical, Round, Beautiful Bellies of Women

Why is it so difficult to love my belly? My belly has always been a hard spot for me- filled with layers of shame, guilt, and all kinds of other feelings. I’ve never been a skinny woman. I’m curvy. I’m voluptuous. And I’ve always had to work at loving the shape of my body. Sometimes it can be particularly difficult to really love my round belly. Especially since I’ve been in my 40’s (and since I've gone through trauma) the shape of my body has shifted and my belly seems even more round. The roundness of my belly can bring up painful feelings for me. I’ve often wanted to hide my belly, sometimes even from myself.

Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Often, the rounding of our belly is part of becoming a mature woman. Why do so many of us have such a complicated relationship with our bellies? I know women who have the smallest little pouch of a belly and yet still have a hard time feeling good about that part of their body. They still think there’s something to be ashamed of. Our bellies hold magic, our bellies hold the potential for new life, our bellies hold the center of our power. Being a woman in the modern world makes connecting with the power that resides in our bellies really complicated.

My own journey towards loving my belly has also been complicated. I recently had emergency abdominal surgery. Having so much energy, pain, and activity focused on my belly has been a challenge, but has been a blessing as well. It’s been surprising to me that the experience of abdominal surgery could help me begin to heal and shift my relationship with my belly. I found myself being more open to showing my belly, not feeling quite as sensitive and ashamed to show my friends where my surgery was.. I’ve had to look at my belly more myself, and it’s helped me to begin to accept the belly I have. I am so grateful for my belly.

It’s been really difficult to build a loving relationship with my belly. I have so many shameful, negative feelings about my body, and my belly is at the center- of my body and of my feelings.. The cauldron of creation resides in my core. As women, we all have this power inside us, and yet we doubt ourselves, we dislike and even hate our bodies and feel ashamed of our shape. Embracing our bodies and loving our bellies is a powerful, empowering act for all women.

I did say I am beginning to heal my relationship with my belly. It’s still a process for me. I hope to continue to love my belly more and more. I even notice the comfort with my belly that I recently started to feel is receding. I remind myself of the comfort and love I felt and it helps me remember that it is possible to love my belly. There is so much power there! How could I not love my belly?!

As a woman, it is a powerful act to love your body. As a woman, no matter what shape or size you are, you have a beautiful, magical body that contains the seeds of the universe. You hold the cauldron of life in your magical, round, beautiful belly. Take up space in the world! Let your belly take up space!

Breathe into your belly. The core of your body holds the cauldron of life. Breathe into your pelvic bowl. Twist around and stir the cauldron. As you continue to breathe into your belly, feel where the center of your power resides. Do you feel the power in your belly?

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