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Women Supporting Women; Women + Business

As women, we often feel competitive with each other. I think the larger culture subliminally encourages most women to feel like there are limited spots for successful women to succeed, so when we see a woman thriving it can feel, whether we realize it consciously or not, like they’re taking something from us. I know I’ve had this feeling in the past, and it even comes up occasionally now. I think it’s important that as women, we recognize this trend and do what we can to support each other as women. We won’t get anywhere competing with each other. There is plenty of space for us all to be successful, and we can support each other on the way. This is important work that can be easy to forget about. Something that I have in my life that is supportive, and also helps me to support other women, is my Women + Business Circle.

Almost two years ago, my friend and fellow Earthaven Ecovillage member Delphi Dofflemyer saw a need to support female business owners. She gathered five village women to begin a journey that we’ve been on together ever since. We formed our Women + Business Circle to support each other with business development, inspiring and encouraging each other along the way.

We meet monthly to check in about our businesses, what we are doing in our lives, and new directions and to receive support and feedback. We have had a few day-long retreats to have more time to explore new ideas, have photo shoots, and feed our inspiration together.

For many new business owners, offering their gifts to the world can feel daunting. Especially as women living in rural Appalachia, finding opportunities and inspiration to continue to put yourself and your gifts out in the world can feel hard. This circle of women has been an amazing gift in my life. It gives me a space to explore what I have to offer and how I want to offer it.

Having four other women who can give me feedback in real time is invaluable, whether it is about the specifics of text on my website or the big picture of my offerings. Hearing the journeys of the other women in the circle — about their exploration of business and how they offer their gifts — is so connecting and feeds my own inspiration. We have found many ways, both large and small, to support each other’s journey.

Women + Business Circle

Left to right: Mana Vermeulen-McLeod, Griffin Abee, Kaitlin Ilya Wolf, Monique Mazza, Delphi Dofflemyer.

It is such an honor to witness each of these women’s journeys. Hearing from each woman monthly, through her ups and downs in business and in life, has helped me to honor their work deeply. It’s also been an amazing reflection for me to see where I am on my own journey.

Through meeting to support our businesses, we have also found new ways to connect as friends and community members. Living in community, there are so many aspects of life that are interwoven. The web we are weaving through the Women + Business Circle is holding more than “just” business.

Meeting regularly with a group of women to support each other in business or other ventures is an amazing way to build community. For me, it is a continual reminder of the support that other women can offer and that we are truly more powerful together.

We’d love to inspire more Women + Business Circles to be seeded. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more!

Here are the other women in my circle (and their businesses):

Delphi Dofflemyer

Medicines of the Womb

Rooted in ancient wisdom and weaving together Maya abdominal therapy, traditional uterine massage, and holistic breast care, Medicines of the Womb offers botanical medicines, education, bodywork and self-care rituals for the sacred feminine.

IG & FB @medicinesofthewomb

Dr. Monique Mazza

Elements Naturopathic Medicine

Providing whole-person primary care medicine that is reconnecting to the healing vitality within nature, community, and oneself.

IG & FB @drmoniquemazza

Griffin Abee

Alchemy Herbal Wines

Offering ancient plant medicines in modern times; inspired by the bees, the seasons, and a long history of female brewers concocting special formulas to support and celebrate their communities.

IG & FB @alchemyherbalwine

Mana Vermeulen-McLeod

Tantric Life Coach

Using the principles of Tantra to guide people on the path of the Householder. This spiritual path allows for the Mundane to become Sacred within a person's everyday life. Based in breath work, somatic awareness and mindfulness, this path allows for a re-awakening of one's own deeper body-based knowing.

IG & FB @tantramom

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