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Red Tent Rituals

Bring the Red Tent to You!

I can help you create your own Red Tent.

I am available to lead a Red Tent circle for a group of women you choose. It could be your friends, your women's organization, or at your school. I'll come to your home or community space, set up the space and facilitate the ritual.  I will facilitate a Red Tent ritual for any size group of women. (Click here for more information about size and cost.)


The Red Tent is a multi-generational natal woman-only space where women can honor the cycles of our lives. It is a place for women to speak the unspeakable, to name our experiences, our fears and joys of womanhood, and to connect with other women. A Red Tent ritual is a sacred space set aside to sing, to speak our truth, and to be together as women. The Red Tent has been a connecting and empowering experience for many women.

I also offer monthly online Red Tent Rituals and classes in Red Tent facilitation.

Now more than ever, it is important we gather together as women.

"Loved Kaitlin's chants, her singing and her drumming. And, as happens so many times, I hopped on as a stranger but got off having made friends, shared heart space and done our part to heal the world and each other. In deep honor of your work, Kaitlin."

-Caryn MacGrandle

creatrix, the divine feminine app

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