Because some people have more financial means than others, I work on a sliding scale system to accommodate a range of economic realities- you choose how much you pay within a given range. The high-end of the scale reflects the value I believe the offerings hold, and the low-end offers a more accessible entry point. No one is turned away for lack of funds. If needed, we can discuss payment plans and/or other exchanges. I am open to trades. By choosing a higher price point, you are helping make the offerings more accessible to others for whom the low-end may be cost-prohibitive. Please consider your needs and resources to determine what might be a stretch, but not a strain.


Everyone receives a free 20-minute initial consultation (by phone or Zoom). 


Private Sessions- $150 to $50 per hour

Women’s Circles- $50 to $20 per woman ($200 minimum)

Life Passages- $600 to $200 

Home/ Space Blessing- $300 to $150