"A Priestess is a woman who helps others connect with  the divine so they can heal and actualize their soul's unique path."


(Jalaja Bonheim)

Take a deep breath with me.  

I invite you to dive into the deep waters of ritual and spirit. 

Ritual is part of everyday life. Without thinking about it, we all have rituals that get us through the day, the month, the year–rituals that mark our time–important events in a life, as well as important moments in a day. The more conscious we are with ritual in our lives, the more grounded our lives become.

I invite you to sit on the earth with me as we grow our roots deep into the soil. I am here to support you on the journey of grounding your life in

ritual and spirit.

Let’s gaze into the fire together and see what emerges.


- Kaitlin Ilya Wolf




Personal Ritual

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“When I need someone to support me in doing sacred work, there is no one I trust more than Kaitlin. She blends together a rich and varied educational background with a depth of intuition and presence that can only be gained through whole-hearted devotion to one's soul work. Kaitlin's work in the world is, without a doubt, as Priestess, doing the sacred work of bringing us back in sync with the seasons and cycles, with Goddess, and with our innermost selves. Whatever your need, Kaitlin will be a warm, capable, and steadfast guide as you journey on your spiritual path.”

-Molly Meinhardt (chiropractor)


Spiraling Woman, Goddess,

You who dance the cycles in and out, 

You whose songs are the winds of the changing seasons,

You who wax and wane into the darkness,

Thank you for supporting, guiding, and holding me always. 

I  give thanks to the Ancestors and Elders,

those who have gone before and have walked these paths.

Thank you for continuing to hold us and help us Do the Work. 

Blessed Be