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Dive with me into the deep waters of ritual-   marking life transitions, cycles, and meaningful celebrations to integreate life's fullness.


Ritual is a human need. The more conscious we are with ritual and ceremony in our lives, the more grounded our lives become. Ritual is part of everyday life. Consciously ritualizing transitions and cycles can support us to be fully present and embodied in this world. I am here to support you in creating ritual for yourself, your family, and your community.

Earth-centered ritual is for everyone,

working with your own spiritual or religious tradition.

Sit on the earth with me as we grow our roots deep into the soil. I am here to support you on the journey of grounding your life in ritual and spirit.​

Let’s gaze into the fire together and see what emerges.

-Kaitlin Ilya Wolf


Listen to Kaitlin

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"A ritual experience with Kaitlin is very personal and powerful. It is a potent way to create change and transformation in your life as well as gain clarity around your vision, purpose and meaning. Kaitlin has decades of experience and knowledge. She truly walks her talk and is the real deal as a Priestess, healer and Wise Woman. She shows up in her work with deep compassion, a huge capacity for empathy and very practical ways to ritualize important milestones in life. Kaitlin is skilled at honoring all stages of life through ritualization grounded in her years of study and practice. "

- JR Pollak (nurse & midwife)

Spiraling Woman,

You who dance the cycles round and round,

You whose songs are the winds of the changing seasons,

You who wax and wane into darkness and light,

Thank you for supporting, guiding, and holding us always. 

We  give thanks to the Ancestors and Elders,

You who have walked these paths before.

Thank you for continuing to hold us and help us Do the Work. 

Blessed Be 

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